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A Massachusetts SSDI Lawyer can help.

Dealing with the Social Security office, like any government organization can be incredibly frustrating. Working with a local Massachusetts lawyer may benefit you and your SSDI / SSI claim in a number of respects:

  • A lawyer can help you navigate the complex rules and paperwork involved, obtaining all the supporting evidence you may need from your doctors.
  • A lawyer with SSDI expertise can help you interpret your eligibility and let you know how good your case may be.
  • A lawyer can prepare a case for a hearing, presenting evidence and witnesses.
  • A lawyer can appeal the case if denied at hearing.

An attorney can help take you through the steps of the initial application, reconsideration if initially rejected, and ultimately follow up with an administrative appeal. Remember that is is not uncommon to be rejected through the first several steps, especially if your condition is not a listed impairment. In such cases a judge must determine if your impairment is medically equivalent to those listed.

A good SSDI attorney will make your case as convincing as it can possibly be. Knowing the exact rules and justifications for the court accepting your claim is critical. And, keep in mind, judges can be different, so a lawyers insight is important. They publish the acceptance rates of claims on the Social Security Administration website.

In short, your Massachusetts SSDI lawyer will fight for your rights and be an advocate for you in every way, to get you whatever benefits to which you are entitled. Remember that any attorney fees rest on the successful completion of your case. You don't pay a fee unless you win!

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