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SSDI Claim Lawyer Fees

There is no Fee Unless we are Successful in getting you your SSDI benefits!

SSDI benefits attorneys like myself take these cases on a contingency basis. There are several good reason for the system to work like this:
  1. No fees up front. Many people would not be able to hire a lawyer to fight for their social security disability benefits if they had to come up with legal fees up front to get a lawyer to work on the case. A contingency system means even the little guys can get quality legal representation to fight the government bureaucracy.
  2. No fees unless we win. Our interests are aligned. You'll know I am working hard for you, and not just running up hourly fees for myself. For me to get paid, I need to make sure you get paid. That way, it's win win.

How much does the attorney take if we win my SSDI claim?

The fee structure is set by law. The attorney is allowed to receive up to 25% of the claimant's past due benefits, up to a maximum fee of $5300.

So, for example, if I get you a benefit of $12,000, my fee will be 25% or that, which is $3000.


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