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Massachusetts SSI Information

What is SSI?

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. It is a federal program to help low income disabled or elderly people.

Who is Eligible for SSI Benefits?

You must be either disabled, or 65 or older. You must be below the income levels and other restrictions, such as the value of everything you own, other than your home and car must be less than $2000 ($3000 if married). But you do not need to have "paid in" to the system, as you do with SSDI.

Are Children Eligible for SSI?

Yes, disabled children can be eligible, and the definitions of disabled can be interpreted differently than with SSDI.

Can I Also Get Health Insurance Assistance?

Usually, yes. If you are eligible for SSI in Massachusetts, you can usually also get MassHealth, a separate medical insurance coverage program run by the state.


For additional information on SSI, refer to the official SSI benefits for Massachusetts page.

Sorting through your MA SSI / disability application options can be complicated.  Contact us for more information and assistance. To speak with a Massachusetts lawyer who concentrates his practice in SSDI & SSI Law and find out how these general facts may apply in your specific case, submit this form and we'll get back to you promptly.

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